All students in rising grades K-8 have summer academic assignments and review, most of which are required. Teachers feel that these assignments are important to reinforce skills and prepare students for the next grade. Required assignments will be assigned a grade and must be turned in the first week of school.

There is also a summer reading list for all grades as well, most of which is required, some with summer assignments.  Check out that link as well.

Depending on your internet browser, you may need to download and save documents to your hard drive before you print them. If you have any problems or issues downloading or printing, please email Tina Doak at tdoak@corpuschristischool.org.

If parents are unable to print out assignments at home, they may stop by the elementary campus between 9 am-1 pm Monday through Friday, during the summer, to pick up the information.

Rising Kindergarten Summer Academic Packet

Rising 1st Grade Summer Academic Packet

Rising 2nd Grade Summer Academic Packet

Rising 3rd Grade Summer Academic Packet

Rising 4th Grade Summer Academic Packet

Rising 5th Grade Summer Academic Packet



If you have any questions about the math packets, please email Mrs. Miller, smiller@corpuschristischool.org.

Rising 6th Grade Math Packet                   Rising 6th Grade Math Answer Key

Rising 7th Grade Math Packet- The answer key is at the end of this packet

Eighth graders who have been placed in Algebra have been notified.  Only those students will complete the Algebra packet that is listed below.  Please note the Algebra workbook will NOT be available until mid-July.  The office will contact parents when the books can be picked up.  For now, complete the attached packet.

Pre-Algebra Math Packet 2018-The answer key is at the end of this packet

2018 Algebra Packet            algebra wkbk ch 1 answer key        

algebra wkbk ch 2 answer key      algebra wkbk ch 3 answer key