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Thanksgiving Food Drive

Dear St. Anthony School families:

The second and eighth graders are asking for your help with the annual Thanksgiving food drive for the St. Anthony food pantry. Especially at this time of year, many families are unable to celebrate Thanksgiving because of job loss, family hardships, or personal challenges. This year, we hope to assist our parish’s food pantry. Each class is asked to donate a particular item and bring the item to school no later than Friday, November 16th.

Please carefully read the item(s) listed below that your students are asked to donate:

  • Kindergarten- (1) large jar jelly (plastic jar only, any flavor)
  • First Grade- (1) large jar peanut butter (plastic jar only)
  • Second Grade- (1) box of cereal (not sugar-coated)
  • Third Grade- (1) box of cereal (not sugar-coated)
  • Fourth Grade- (2) cans of chunky/hearty soup or condensed soup
  • Fifth Grade- (2) cans of chunky/hearty soup or condensed soup
  • Sixth Grade- (1) large can of fruit
  • Seventh Grade- (3) cans of tuna
  • Eighth Grade- (3) cans of tuna

The second and eighth grade sacramental partners will take the donations to the St. Anthony Food Pantry. Please send in your donation before November 16th. Your help with this most worthwhile project will be greatly appreciated not only by our school but by those receiving your donations.

Thank you!
Second and Eighth Grade Sacramental Partners

Reporting Attendance Changes

Parents are encouraged to use the attendance email to report absences, tardies and even early dismissal requests. By using this email, four administrative staff are notified, including the school nurse. 

When one office person is out, this ensures the school is still informed of your notification.