2017-2018 CYO Basketball

Attention Boys and Girls in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 at Corpus Christi School or those who attend religious education (RE) at either St. Anthony or St. Philip!!!  Are you interested in playing basketball on one of Corpus Christi’s Junior CYO teams?

There are leagues for both boys and girls. 

  • 3rd Grade (new/inexperienced players)
  • 4th Grade (new/inexperienced players)
  • 5th Grade (somewhat competitive)
  • 6th Grade (competitive)
  • 7th Grade (competitive)
  • 8th Grade (highly competitive)


For CYO Registration, please use the link below to Sports Pilot printed on the sheet and follow the step by step directions.  To complete, at the end you must select a “Payment Type” – go ahead and select “Check in Person”, but you can  ignore this since you will be paying to Corpus Christi


For Corpus Christi, please fill out the info form (especially check off how you will pay the registration fee), and submit it to the school office or complete the online payment form below.  You can choose to pay by credit card online or FACTS with the online form.

Hard Copy of CYO Registration Fee Form

The registration fee is dependent on the grade of the team the student is playing for (i.e., a 6th grader may play on a 7th grade team):

  • Grades 7 and 8    $85
  • Grades 5 and 6    $80
  • Grades 3 and 4    $70

Please complete the online fee payment form below AFTER you have been told by Mr. Schafer or a coach. The form will allow you to have your registration fee added to your FACTS account or to pay online by MasterCard or VISA credit card on the school’s secure website. Do not forget to click the button at the end to submit your payment. You will see a confirmation message in red pop up after the submission that states your payment has been received.  

Required forms for all players:

                                                                                    George Schafer
                                                                                    Jr. CYO Sports Coordinator


Corpus Christi CYO Basketball Online Fee Payment