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Ms. Nora Buçaj



Ms. Bucaj brings 13 years of valued relevant experience both as an educator and as a Catholic school administrator.  She has served as a classroom teacher, a campus minister at an all boys Catholic High School, a dean of students, and most recently as Assistant Principal at St. Mary’s in Alexandria since 2015. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Pace University, and a Master of Science in Teaching, also from Pace University. She holds certification in Biology for grades 7-12 in the state of New York.

Fr. Matthew Zuberbueler

Pastor of St. Anthony of Padua


Fr. Matthew Zuberbueler is the pastor at St. Anthony of Padua Parish.

Mrs. Sharon Miller

Assistant Principal; 8th Teacher; Middle School Science

Mrs. Sharon Miller is the Assistant Principal, and middle school department head at Corpus Christi School. She teaches middle school science and is the science coordinator for all the elementary grades, K-8. Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Miller attended the Jesuit University of Scranton and earned a BS in Medical Technology. After moving to this area, she worked as a research microbiologist at Hazelton Laboratories and as supervisor of the Microbiology Department at the Veterans Administration Hospital of DC.

As a member of the Corpus Christi School community since its opening in the fall of 1990, Mrs. Miller has been a parent, instructional assistant, and now a teacher in the intermediate and middle school grades for over ten years. A believer in life-long learning, Mrs. Miller finished her Master of Science in Geosciences while teaching at Corpus Christi. The culmination of the program was a research trip to the Sierra Nevada to collect data and specimens for her
thesis. She is now beginning a certification program in Catholic School Leadership.

Mrs. Miller is married with three children, who all graduated from Corpus Christi School. Mrs. Miller’s goal at Corpus Christi School is to work with all grade levels to excite students about the natural wonders God has placed in the world for us to explore and understand. She is an avid bird watcher and hiker and is still active as a merit badge counselor in her sons’ Boy Scout troop.